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How can we help ?

AAPTAA is a specialist company that offers MSI application software packaging and software deployment services at a fixed price to all businesses. All MSI packages created are rigorously tested before handing it over to the businesses.

AAPTAA can accommodate your business needs. Whether you choose an offsite packaging solution or an in-house packaging team at your business location, we can supply the expert saleable packaging resource you require.

Problem Resolution

Whether the problem is with Licensing, Security, Device drivers, Custom configuration or you just can't get that dialog box to stop popping up! To the inexperienced, many packaging problems can seem at best daunting and at worst even impossible to resolve. In reality most of these issues can be resolved using a methodical and systematic approach. The wealth of misinformation available on the internet further compounds the misnomer that some problems cannot be resolved. Like all things - it's easy when you know how.

Having analyzed thousands of applications over the years we have an impressive track record of resolving some of the industry’s most complex application challenges. We can help you address issues arising from platform migrations. Finding the missing links and getting you to those project milestones. Leveraging the expertise of Packaging Team's professionals will pay dividends when tackling complex packaging problems.

On time Delivery for SLA

Once you have submitted your order for packaging, there's no need to worry. Just submit the application binaries and it gets taken care of to the agreed SLAs. In-depth knowledge of application packaging and software distribution technologies allows us to provide the most efficient and trustworthy solutions in the market today.

Quality Packages

We have extensive knowledge of Microsoft best-practice, and have seen what works well in companies both large and small. Jump-start the process by asking our Packaging Team to review or write your Packaging Standards, and know that Desktop users, Thin clients, Sites with low bandwidth connections, Server rollouts, Patches, Upgrades, Conflict resolution – and fifty other enterprise goals – are all covered. Our Consultants expertise in Windows installer technologies, producing Quality Packages with high stability and reliability, help reduce your help desk support staff time.

Packaging Resources

Our people have experience in all the major repackaging tools and can be adding value to your project or helping with BAU. For major assignments, take the weight off yourself or your department by having our Packaging Team run the project to your deadlines. Agreed SLAs, and a project manager based full-time on your site will all help get the job done on time and to budget. We have all the people, programs and know-how needed to create perfect packages. The use of virtual machine technology means we can test applications on a replica of your desktop environment prior to delivery.

Comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Windows Installer and the MSI standard ensures that our consultants are highly qualified to assess and modify existing packages, as well as creating new MSI packages for your needs.

Technology Expertise

Our consultants´ expertise in Windows installer technologies, producing Quality Packages with high stability and reliability, will help reduce your desk support and staff time. Our team has experienced packaging professionals who are dedicated to their clients and always motivated to provide high quality products. Application packaging experience in large scale environment on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP in any enterprise environment.

Low TCO (Total cost of ownership)

We offer strong Project management with high scalability which is on time and on budget reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Globally oriented project managers who are suitably trained must lead each project. Onshore project managers confirm that requirements for documentation are understood by the offshore team, including technical specifications, deliverables, due dates, and problem-resolution procedures.

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North America
2440 Canterbury Lane
North Brunswick, NJ 08902
Phone: 609 619 1990
Fax: 1 866 517 2365

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